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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you work with design firms?

The short answer is: however works best for you.

The possibilities include:

  • Building and implementing code for website designs that you supply
  • Design and build a website based on the client’s existing branding.
  • We can work in the background, taking direction from you, or
  • We can function as temporary team members, participating in meetings and conference calls.
  • We can be brought in at the planning stage, helping to scope the project
  • We can participate in design reviews to offer advice from the developer’s perspective.

We will, in all cases, respect your relationship with your client and never attempt to contact your client outside of the established parameters.

When is the best time to involve Reignition, Inc.?

As early as possible. Our experience in building literally hundreds of websites has shown that the earlier in the process that potential issues can be identified, the more quickly and efficiently a project can be completed. A properly structured hand-off of assets from the creative team to the programmers can have a real impact on cost and time to launch or market.

Early involvement is also essential to identify what we call “show stoppers” -- technical facts that would flat out prevent your project from moving forward as originally defined, time and/or budget-wise. We can help you identify and mitigate any possible pitfalls.

What services do you provide?

We provide services and solution in the following categories...

  • Complete websites
  • Content management implementations
  • CSS/Javascript templates for integration into other systems
  • Custom programming of web applications
  • Mobile websites
  • E-commerce websites
  • Information architecture and wireframes
  • Requirement specifications documents
  • Technical documentation for grant proposals

Don’t see a good match for your project in this list? Contact us and let’s talk about your project.

What technologies do you support?

Web technology is constantly changing and developing - daily in some cases. The technology that we support is not finite. A key part of Reignition, Inc.’s core competency is the ability to quickly assimilate new technologies and deploy them into a production environment. Generally, however, we code in PHP and ASP.NET for projects involving server-side code. We specialize in building templates using standards compliant, semantic markup using CSS and Javascript and their related libraries (jQuery, Prototype, LESS, SCSS etc.). We also have a experience with a large variety of content management systems like SharePoint, Ektron, WordPress, MODx and Drupal as well as several e-commerce systems.

A more detail about our supported technologies.

How much do you charge?

We do project based pricing, so the cost of services is specifically tailored to the tasks necessary to achieve your goals. Our pricing is going to be generally lower than that of a large to medium sized firm simply because we maintain lower costs. We offer a free initial consult to discuss your project, from which you will receive a document containing what we see at the key project components.

I don't have a website at all, where should I start?

1. Get your domain name
Make sure the domain name that you want is available. If it is not available, we are happy to give you some options and advise on what an appropriate domain name would be. We suggest registering your domain at DirectNIC or Network Solutions. We do not recommend reserving your domain name at GoDaddy, ubiquitous thought they may be.

2. Browse the web
Look at your competitors websites. What are they doing that works or doesn’t work? Look at a variety of websites, what features do you personally like? What type of features are a good for for your business? What colors do you like? The more examples that we have for an initial conversation the better.

3. Talk to us
Once you have the domain name set, call us and we can have a conversation about what your site's needs. From that conversation I will author a proposal with specifics.

I just need a basic web site. Is Reignition, Inc. a good fit?

Yes, in fact small, custom websites are a great way to get a foothold on the web. Using an experienced vendor to make it happen quickly allows you to get immediate results or validation of your concept.

Can you make my website come up #1 on Google?

It depends. Despite what you may have been told, this is NOT possible without Google's cooperation. If your search phrase is very specific (Example: Helga's Helicopter Repair) you have a very good chance of being number one. If your search phrase is more general, i.e. “graphic design”, there can be tens of millions of results. The key is to target phrases that will help your business stand out among your competitors.

What Reignition, Inc. can do is to position your site in the best way possible for Google to index your content. This happens behind the scenes (Google Sitemaps, Google AdWords, semantic markup etc.) and on the page with properly edited content.

There are search engine placement firms or web shops that will promise a #1 result in Google. Experience shows us that this can be either very costly, untrue or both. Search engine placement can happen organically and we strongly suggest that as your initial approach.

I have a large project, but no RFP. How can I engage you?

Send us an email with a quick note about your project and lets set up a time to talk. We offer free consultation about your project with a follow up email that describes what we see as the scope and the tasks associated with your project. We’ll collaborate with you to refine this into a formal proposal that then functions as our agreement. However, I encourage clients to shop around. Take the result of our initial conversation and show it to other firms. We are confident in our work, and welcome competition.

For larger projects, where more time would be required to generate an RFP, you can hire us to do requirements gathering and author a formal document that you can shop to other vendors. We offer this service because we believe that a project success can only be measured by how well it satisfies the proper requirements.

Do we need a content management system?

A content management system (CMS) is a tool that allows the website owner to make changes to the website’s content without the aid of the programmer. A popular tool for this right now is WordPress, but there are thousands of such tools available that range in cost from free to hundreds of thousand of dollars. Let us help you refine your requirements to determine the best CMS for your purpose.

Because will add cost to a project, the question of whether your needs one comes down to how often you anticipate updating your site. Will it be weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly? The more edits you make, the more likely that the extra cost will be justified. Otherwise, it will be cheaper in the long run to hire us to make edits.

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